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Evaluation of the project 'Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean: Reducing the Carbon Footprint in the Caribbean through the Promotion of Energy Efficiency and the Use of Renewable Energy Technologies'

The project entitled “Sustainable Energy in the Caribbean: Reducing the Carbon Footprint in the Caribbean through the Promotion of Energy Efficiency (EE) and the Use of Renewable Energy (RE) Technologies” seeks to strengthen the capacity of Caribbean countries in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The high-level meeting in Port of Spain will be jointly convened by ECLAC Caribbean and GIZ to assess the impact of this project, implemented from 1 July 2014 to 30 September 2016.

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - 8 Sep 2016


The project is a German Cooperation funded initiative which was implemented by ECLAC over the period October, 2014 to September, 2016.  The overall objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of Caribbean countries to access and utilize new concepts, strategies and mechanisms for the formulation of projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Specifically, the project sought to support the identification and articulation of mechanisms for financing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies so as to increase investment in these initiatives in three Caribbean countries.  These countries were: Dominica, Saint Lucia, and Martinique.  The project also aimed to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and strategies, and to engage regional agencies in advancing sustainable energy policy in the Caribbean.  This report presents the results of project activities undertaken, as well as lessons learnt from project implementation.  It also assesses the impact of project outcomes on the evolution of EE and RE policy in the region.


0830 hrs – 0900 hrs: Registration

0900 hrs – 1000 hrs: Agenda item 1.       Opening of the meeting

1000hrs – 1030 hrs: Coffee break

1030 hrs – 1100 hrs: Agenda item 2.                  Presentation of Project Status Report

This session will review the experience of implementing the project in the Caribbean   

1100 hrs – 1145 hrs: Agenda item 3.       Paper: The Impact of Petrocaribe on the evolution of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Caribbean.

This session will examine  the impact of Petrocaribe on the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Caribbean

1145 hrs – 1230 hrs: Agenda item 4.       Paper: Saint Lucia Government Transportation Study

This session will discuss the proposals for the transition of public vehicles in St. Lucia to electric and hybrid vehicles.

1230 hrs – 1330 hrs: Lunch break

1330 hrs – 1500 hrs: Agenda item 5.       Project Review by National and Regional Stakeholders

This session will discuss reviews of national and regional stakeholders on the experience in implementing the project

1500 hrs – 1600 hrs: Agenda item 6.       Project Evaluation Summary

1600 hrs: Closure of Meeting


8 Sep 2016
Meetings and technical symposiums
Lady Young Rd
Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
By invitation


ECLAC Caribbean - Sustainable Development & Disaster Unit


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