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20 December 2013 | Statement
"This year we mark Human Solidarity Day with the resolve to work together to bridge the remaining gaps to reach the Millennium Development Goals", says in his message the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
19 December 2013 | Statement
The United Nations is acting to safeguard the rights of migrants, lower the social and economic costs of migration, and promote policies that maximize the benefits of mobility, points out in his message the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
11 de December de 2013 | Press Release
En su Balance Preliminar de las Economías de América Latina y el Caribe el organismo prevé un entorno externo más favorable, pero con persistencia de volatilidad financiera y nuevos desafíos de política macroeconómica.
10 December 2013 | Statement
This year's observance marks 20 years since the adoption by the World Conference on Human Rights of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, remembers in his message the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
9 de December de 2013 | Press Release
La Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL) participó en una reunión organizada por la Iniciativa Global Clinton.
9 de December de 2013 | Press Release
Documento será dado a conocer en conferencia de prensa el miércoles 11 de diciembre en Santiago, Chile.
5 de December de 2013 | Press Release
Con datos proyectados al 2013, la pobreza estaría afectando a unos 164 millones de personas en la región, igual número que en 2012, consigna el estudio que aborda el fenómeno también desde una perspectiva multidimensional.
3 December 2013 | Statement
"We must remove all barriers that affect the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in society", the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in his message.
2 December 2013 | Op-ed
In this article, Benedicte Bull and Kalle Moene, researchers from the University of Oslo, analyse the successful experience of Norway in terms of growth with equality.
2 December 2013 | News
The Colombia Office of the Commission prepared a ranking to guide public policymaking and stimulate private decisions that can combine to yield higher levels of territorial development.
2 December 2013 | News
A report prepared by ECLAC Office in Washington D.C. provides an overview of the current regulatory framework of the U.S. organic food market.
2 December 2013 | News
The document, drafted by experts at the ECLAC Subregional headquarters in Mexico, analyses the subject of violence.
2 December 2013 | News
The ECLAC Subregional headquarters in Port-of-Spain supports the use of information and communications technologies in this area.
2 December 2013 | News
With over 110 editions and over 1,000 articles published in Spanish and English (as well as special issues in French, Portuguese and Mandarin), the CEPAL Review is the main academic publication of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.
2 December 2013 | News
According to an ECLAC study, all of the region’s countries more than doubled their energy consumption in the transport sector between 1990 and 2010. There is therefore an urgent need for a new approach to design suitable policies that prioritize energy efficiency.
2 December 2013 | News
The plans and programmes implemented to turn the situation around in 23 countries are analysed in a new ECLAC report.
2 December 2013 | News
ECLAC study analyses the migratory pull of eight Latin American cities and the impact on suburban spread.
2 December 2013 | News
Document highlights the need to counteract the current shortcomings in bilateral trade.