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25 November 2013 | Press Release
The intergovernmental meeting called for the promotion of a new culture of integration and a long-term vision aimed at structural change with equality.
13 November 2013 | Press Release
During her two-day visit to the European country, Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, described the development challenges of Latin America and the Caribbean.
18 October 2013 | Press Release
OECD, ECLAC and CAF presented the document Latin American Economic Outlook 2014, during the XXIII Ibero-American summit.
15 October 2013 | Press Release
The twelfth session of the Regional Conference on Women in Latin America will be opened today in the Dominican Republic.
12 September 2013 | Press Release
Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, took part in the Government Leaders Forum in Brazil.
14 August 2013 | Press Release
International experts and authorities discussed gaps in Latin America and the Caribbean in terms of population issues.
24 July 2013 | Press Release
She stressed that equality is the guiding principle for a paradigm change in Latin America and the Caribbean.
5 July 2013 | Press Release
Alicia Bárcena took part in the 6th Ibero-American Conference of Ministers of the Economy and Finance in the Central American country.
30 May 2013 | Press Release
The Executive Secretary of the Commission, Alicia Bárcena, gave an overview of the region's economic and social situation and the outlook for 2013.
22 April 2013 | Press Release
Alicia Bárcena spoke at a forum that was also attended by the President of Uruguay, José Mujica, former Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and Secretary-General of CSA, Víctor Báez.
9 March 2013 | Press Release
Latin American and Caribbean countries meet to assess progress towards achieving MDGs and Rio+20 agreements.
14 February 2013 | Press Release
In Havana, Alicia Bárcena will take part in an international seminar on the 50th anniversary of the first economic plan in Cuba.
1 de February de 2013 | Press Release
Alicia Bárcena compartió con altos funcionarios internacionales y representantes del Gobierno peruano.