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13 March 2020 | News
A study by the organization’s office in Montevideo analyzes the instruments utilized by Latin American and Caribbean countries, with a deeper focus on the case of Uruguay.
9 December 2019 | News
A study by ECLAC’s office in Montevideo simulates distinct scenarios for growth in the market share of this kind of vehicle, and estimates their impact on national and subnational tax revenue.
27 September 2019 | News
The Executive Secretary of the United Nations regional commission, Alicia Bárcena, participated in the event to launch the initiative on August 27 in Montevideo.
6 September 2019 | Press Release
The XIV Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by ECLAC with support from UN Women, will take place on November 4-8 in Santiago.
3 September 2019 | Announcement
This Friday, September 6, authorities from Chile and Uruguay along with representatives of ECLAC and UN Women will hold a press conference to unveil the details of the regional gathering that will take place in November in Santiago.
30 August 2019 | Press Release
The XVII Meeting of the Regional Council for Planning concluded today in Montevideo, Uruguay with a call to strengthen the practice of planning in Latin America and the Caribbean.
29 August 2019 | Press Release
Senior authorities from countries in the region inaugurated today the XVII Meeting of the Regional Council for Planning, which is being held through Friday, August 30, in Montevideo, Uruguay.
28 August 2019 | Press Release
ECLAC’s XVI Conference of Ministers and Heads of Planning of Latin America and the Caribbean was inaugurated today in Montevideo, Uruguay.
27 de August de 2019 | News
En el marco de una visita a Uruguay, la Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL participó hoy en la presentación de la Estrategia Nacional de Desarrollo de ese país hacia 2050.
21 August 2019 | Announcement
The XVI Conference of Ministers and Heads of Planning of Latin America and the Caribbean, and the XVII Meeting of the Regional Council for Planning, will take place from August 28 through August 30 in Montevideo.
7 de August de 2019 | News
La Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL, Alicia Bárcena, y el Embajador de Uruguay en Chile, Alberto Fajardo, suscribieron hoy un acuerdo que confirma a ese país como sede del encuentro regional que se realizará del 29 al 30 de agosto en Montevideo.
31 de July de 2019 | News
La Secretaria Ejecutiva del organismo regional, Alicia Bárcena, envió una carta al Presidente Tabaré Vázquez, en la que manifestó su cariño y solidaridad con la familia, amigos y el pueblo de Uruguay.
27 June 2019 | News
On June 26 and 27, authorities analyzed the progress made on the position document that ECLAC will present at the gathering, and shared national priorities regarding policies for women’s autonomy and gender equality.
17 June 2019 | News
The course drew the participation of officials from the offices of planning and evaluation of the Ministries of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Economy and Finance, Social Development and the Planning and Budget Office.
3 de April de 2019 | News
Seminario sobre el tema fue inaugurado en Santiago, Chile, por altos representantes del organismo de las Naciones Unidas y de la agencia de cooperación alemana GIZ.
13 March 2019 | News
The document was produced as a contribution to the upcoming national discussion on determining the country’s poverty threshold.
10 December 2018 | News
The publication was edited jointly by ECLAC, UNICEF and the country’s Ministry of Social Development.
25 June 2018 | News
The course was organized by ECLAC’s office in Montevideo, in the framework of an agreement with that country’s Ministry of Social Development.
27 March 2018 | News
Report aims to contribute information by characterizing export sectors of Uruguay’s economy based on an input-output matrix.
12 December 2017 | News
Commission prepared two studies, thanks to an agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Center for Fiscal Studies.