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5 October 2015 | Infographic
Between 2000 and 2010 in Latin America and the Caribbean, emigration to countries outside the region declined while intraregional flows increased. In 2010, about 28.5 million Latin American and Caribbean persons resided outside their countries of birth. ECLAC insists on its call to respect these people’s human rights and integrate them into development strategies.
13 November 2014 | Infographic
Latin America and the Caribbean is the second-largest region in the world in terms of adolescent fertility, only surpassed by sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, this phenomenon is more recurrent among the lower-income population, contributing to the intergenerational cycle of poverty.
22 September 2014 | Infographic
By the year 2010, an estimated 45 million indigenous people lived in Latin America, accounting for 8.3 % of the region’s population. The United Nations has championed the promotion of their rights through the use of different resources and special regulations for this purpose.