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7 July 2020 | Infographic
The path ahead – resignation or action?
29 January 2020 | Infographic
Latin America and the Caribbean is endowed with abundant natural resources, but these are distributed unevenly. ECLAC supports effective and democratic governance of natural resources to achieve the aspirations of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
31 de December de 2019 | Infographic
7 June 2017 | Infographic
4 de December de 2014 | Infographic
La CEPAL preparó una serie de infografías en las que se presentan las manifestaciones del fenómeno, sus impactos en la agricultura, la vulnerabilidad de la región y los patrones de consumo no sostenibles.
2 April 2014 | Infographic
Agriculture faces the challenge of providing food in sufficient quality and quantity to satisfy the demands of a population that will keep growing and whose purchasing power will continue to rise, in the context of climate change and greater social and environmental awareness.