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15 November 2019 | Briefing note
15 November 2019 | Briefing note
6 March 2019 | Briefing note
This report seeks to give an account of progress in the implementation of the priority measures of the Montevideo Consensus on Population and Development in the region, as well as the differences between countries in terms of the degree of implementation. By highlighting relevant national experiences, it also seeks to facilitate the exchange of good practices among countries so that they can benefit from each other in their efforts to advance the implementation of the actions of the Montevideo Consensus.
2 April 2018 | Briefing note
Breast milk is the best food for infants. The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF recommend exclusive breastfeeding from the first hour of life until at least 6 months of age.
2 April 2018 | Insights
Chile is one of the few countries in the world that succeeded in eradicating undernutrition between the 1960s and the 1980s. It did so by managing to apply well-designed policies on maternal and child health even while it weathered two severe economic crises (1974–1976 and 1982–1986) in an adverse sociopolitical and cultural environment.
2 April 2018 | Insights
Proper nutrition is a fundamental element in the realization of children’s right to enjoy the highest attainable level of physical and mental health.
30 August 2016 | Briefing note
We are pleased to inform that the document "Trends in adolescent motherhood and fertility and related Inequalities in the Caribbean 1990-2010" is now available. This document was prepared by the Caribbean demographer Valerie Nam.