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Briefing notes

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8 October 2019 | Briefing note
In the framework of the efforts to strengthen geospatial information management in the region, representatives of this Commission will attend these meetings that will be held in Mexico City, from 9–11 October 2019.
3 September 2019 | Briefing note
The organization’s office in Brasilia has organized a book that brings together essays with contributions on tackling structural economic “bottlenecks” and harnessing opportunities for the country’s development.
3 September 2019 | Briefing note
In order to identify opportunities and risks that Latin American countries might face as they begin as they move towards increasing the adoption of artificial intelligence
3 May 2016 | Briefing note
The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the German cooperation – GIZ, with the support of CORFO, organized the first interregional workshop to discuss this matter and its impact on productivity.
11 April 2016 | Briefing note
Representatives from ten countries met to discuss the construction of indicators for identifying how enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean develop their productive processes and link them with environmental aspects.
11 June 2014 | Briefing note
A meeting on innovation and SMEs is conducted today at ECLAC headquarters.
9 June 2014 | Briefing note
The Deputy Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Antonio Prado, stressed this point at a parliamentary meeting on science, technology and innovation.