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3 April 2020 | Briefing note
Due the health contingency we face today because of COVID-19 we have redesigned the workshop and changed the traditional teaching modality to a completely virtual one, from Tuesday 5 to Wednesday May 13, 2020. The virtual modality implies changes in the teaching methodology, that is how this new 7-day course will be only three hours per day at a time that will accommodate all the participants. This course focus on the processing of population and housing censuses, using Redatam, in order to learn the software and explore the potential of censuses to obtain specific indicators for monitoring the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.
18 February 2020 | Briefing note
This edition compiles selected indicators concerning population estimates and projections at the national level for 38 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
10 February 2020 | Briefing note
Similar to other REDATAM applications, that for the Montserrat census provides basic tabulations such as frequency tables and cross-tabulations as well as thematic indicators for census topics such as education, employment, health, disability and housing. These indicators are all available for output in the form of tables, graphs or maps.
28 January 2020 | Briefing note
CELADE invites all Redatam users to a new course/workshop to be held between April 20 and 24, 2020, in Santiago, Chile. On this occasion, the course will focus on the processing and analysis of population and housing censuses databases, using Redatam, to obtain specific indicators for the follow-up of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals- SDG. In turn, like the year 2019, the course will be offered in two modalities of participation: Face-to-face in the ECLAC classrooms and Simultaneous Streaming/Webex via the internet.
17 June 2019 | Briefing note
The CELADE - Population Division of ECLAC, together with the United Nations Population Division (UNPD), made available today to all its users the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects (WPP 2019), that has national level population estimates and projections of countries worldwide
15 May 2019 | Briefing note
CELADE is pleased to invite all Redatam users to the 2019 training workshop to be held in Santiago, Chile from August 19th through 30th, 2019
8 March 2019 | Briefing note
We also want to inform that the deadline for registration has been extended until March 20th.
6 March 2019 | Briefing note
This report seeks to give an account of progress in the implementation of the priority measures of the Montevideo Consensus on Population and Development in the region, as well as the differences between countries in terms of the degree of implementation. By highlighting relevant national experiences, it also seeks to facilitate the exchange of good practices among countries so that they can benefit from each other in their efforts to advance the implementation of the actions of the Montevideo Consensus.
23 January 2019 | Briefing note
The number corresponding to 2018 of the Demographic Observatory is available, which offers immigration tables for 19 Latin American countries for which data were available on the population censuses of the 2000 and 2010 decades.
23 January 2019 | Briefing note
CELADE - Population Division of ECLAC announces to all REDATAM users an update of Redatam7 that includes improvements and new functionalities in the Create, Process and Admin modules.
6 June 2018 | Briefing note
The objective of the workshop is to train participants in the creation of Redatam databases, therefore, emphasis will be given in the migration to Redatam format from external sources such as DBF, CSPro, SPSS, ASCII. Subsequently, using the Redatam Webserver platform and language a web application will be developed that allows online processing of microdata, thus, achieving the dissemination of information through the Internet.
5 June 2018 | Briefing note
The meeting will be held in Lima, Peru, from 7 to 9 August 2018.
11 November 2017 | Briefing note
We share with his family the sadness of this moment. We honor his memory, we tribute his contribution to demography and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.
15 September 2017 | Briefing note
In addition to the 12 new tables included a few weeks ago, now users and visitors of MATERNILAC-Caribbean will find 2 new tables containing standardized census information on educational level and motherhood, disaggregated, as always, by age level and age groups.
11 August 2017 | Briefing note
Most studies carried out on maternal mortality do not show the particular situation of indigenous peoples, and this is why CELADE has published this new report in which it explores the data sources and methodologies used for the estimation of maternal mortality in the countries of the region.
7 August 2017 | Briefing note
In addition to the four tables made available up to date, now users and visitors of MATERNILAC will find 12 new tables with standardized census information on marital status and the relation of kinship to the head of household of women 10 years and older, who have had children (mothers) and who have not had children (not mothers).
15 May 2017 | Briefing note
The objective of the workshop is to train participants in the creation of Redatam databases and the development of data dissemination Redatam web applications so that they can later incorporate what is learned in their respective countries and offices.
23 March 2017 | Briefing note
CELADE in its role of Technical Secretariat of the SCA-ECLAC Census Working Group will participate in the Sixteenth Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Statistical Conference of the Americas of ECLAC to be held from April 3 to 6.
17 February 2017 | Briefing note
This award is given by El Colegio de México and Fundación Colmex to Carmen A. Miró, the first director of CELADE, for her extraordinary career in support of Social Sciences, Latin American demography, population and development thinking and, Her role as animator and forger of institutions.
15 February 2017 | Briefing note
Experts from the Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies and the UNFPA-Burundi National Office will hold a two-week internship at CELADE, Population Division of ECLAC, to deepen the use of REDATAM as a platform for processing, analysis and dissemination of the socio-demographic information produced by the Institute.