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3 September 2019 | Briefing note
The organization’s office in Brasilia has organized a book that brings together essays with contributions on tackling structural economic “bottlenecks” and harnessing opportunities for the country’s development.
3 September 2019 | Briefing note
In order to identify opportunities and risks that Latin American countries might face as they begin as they move towards increasing the adoption of artificial intelligence
22 November 2017 | Insights
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions played a large role in global FDI, especially in developed economies, driven by greater international liquidity and industry strategies that led to major operations. Meanwhile, China was the second biggest provider of global FDI, after the United States, as its foreign investments increased steadily, particularly acquisitions in the European Union and the United States. China’s “Go Global” strategy, launched more than a decade ago, has consolidated its role as a global player that is integrating into the workings of increasingly sophisticated sectors, by actively engaging with new technological trends of the fourth industrial revolution.
4 May 2016 | Briefing note
More than 100 representatives of the public and private sectors, the academia and civil society participated on a workshop that took place today to discuss the potentialities of this renewable energy.
3 May 2016 | Briefing note
The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the German cooperation – GIZ, with the support of CORFO, organized the first interregional workshop to discuss this matter and its impact on productivity.
25 April 2016 | Briefing note
The initiative, called CE-Digital, is organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in its role as technical secretariat of the eLAC process, CAF - Latin America Development Bank and the GSMA.
11 April 2016 | Briefing note
Representatives from ten countries met to discuss the construction of indicators for identifying how enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean develop their productive processes and link them with environmental aspects.
20 May 2015 | Briefing note
International collaboration yields region-specific e-waste roadmap
24 March 2015 | Briefing note
This was one of the statements made by Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC, at the opening of a workshop on sustainable development and big data that takes place today in Santiago, Chile.
11 June 2014 | Briefing note
A meeting on innovation and SMEs is conducted today at ECLAC headquarters.
9 June 2014 | Briefing note
The Deputy Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Antonio Prado, stressed this point at a parliamentary meeting on science, technology and innovation.