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7 August 2017 | Briefing note
In addition to the four tables made available up to date, now users and visitors of MATERNILAC will find 12 new tables with standardized census information on marital status and the relation of kinship to the head of household of women 10 years and older, who have had children (mothers) and who have not had children (not mothers).
4 August 2017 | Briefing note
ECLAC Publications in the REALC Virtual Library
19 July 2017 | Briefing note
Maritime and Logistics Bulletin 65
23 May 2017 | Briefing note
The 6th Regional Meeting is organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with the collaboration of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and Universidad del Pacífico and will be held in Lima, Peru, November 7 and 8, 2017.
15 May 2017 | Briefing note
The objective of the workshop is to train participants in the creation of Redatam databases and the development of data dissemination Redatam web applications so that they can later incorporate what is learned in their respective countries and offices.
28 April 2017 | Briefing note
At the Forum of Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean on Sustainable Development being held in Mexico City, from 26 to 28 April 2017, the Vice-Minister of Environment of Costa Rica, Patricia Madrigal, presented the developments of the negotiation process and highlighted its impacts on environmental governance and the protection of human rights.
5 April 2017 | Briefing note
The magazine Coyuntura Pyme from the National Association of Financial Institutions (ANIF) published the article “Financial Inclusion of SMEs in Colombia,” written by the economic and financial consultant for ECLAC, Luis Alberto Zuleta J.
4 April 2017 | Briefing note
Briefing note by ECLAC Caribbean Chief, Diane Quarless
30 March 2017 | Briefing note
At the XVII Seminar on Financial and Fiscal Economy, organized by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Ramón Lecuona Valenzuela, the Director of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Anáhuac University in México, analyzes the importance of financial inclusion of SMEs in Mexico and the role of development banks in promoting it.