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23 March 2017 | Briefing note
CELADE in its role of Technical Secretariat of the SCA-ECLAC Census Working Group will participate in the Sixteenth Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Statistical Conference of the Americas of ECLAC to be held from April 3 to 6.
15 March 2017 | Briefing note
Esteban Pérez-Caldentey, Chief of the Financing for Development Unit at ECLAC, analyzes the importance of financial inclusion of SMEs in an interview organized by ONE (The National Entrepreneur Observatory) in Mexico.
20 February 2017 | Briefing note
In the last edition of The Ranking of World Repositories by Webometrics, the Digital Repository is located between the 50 best repositories in the category of “Top Portals”.
17 February 2017 | Briefing note
This award is given by El Colegio de México and Fundación Colmex to Carmen A. Miró, the first director of CELADE, for her extraordinary career in support of Social Sciences, Latin American demography, population and development thinking and, Her role as animator and forger of institutions.
15 February 2017 | Briefing note
Experts from the Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies and the UNFPA-Burundi National Office will hold a two-week internship at CELADE, Population Division of ECLAC, to deepen the use of REDATAM as a platform for processing, analysis and dissemination of the socio-demographic information produced by the Institute.
14 February 2017 | Briefing note
The 22nd newsletter of Redatam Informa, 2016, includes interesting articles related to Redatam Webserver applications for dissemination and online processing of socio-demographic information and presents a summary of technical assistance carried out by CELADE during the year 2016 in relation to the use, analysis and dissemination of socio-demographic information, as well as, the development of web applications with Redatam.
19 January 2017 | Briefing note
Briefing note by ECLAC Caribbean Chief, Diane Quarless
17 January 2017 | Briefing note
This course will deepen for a week on the definition of socio-demographic indicators and its statistical processing using the Redatam 7Process module.
10 January 2017 | Briefing note
2017 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.
29 December 2016 | Briefing note
About investigation data management in the LEARN project and results of the Third Mini Workshop in the Caribbean.
26 December 2016 | Briefing note
Outcome of Natural Resources and Infrastructure week, held on ECLAC from November 7th and 11th of 2016
19 December 2016 | Briefing note
Consult information about this topic in our collections.
12 December 2016 | Briefing note
Census experts from CELADE met with the India Census Commission in New Delhi to assess the incorporation of Redatam as disseminating tool for their censuses and statistics. They also provided training on Redatam at the National Statistics Office of Bhutan.
5 December 2016 | Briefing note
Selection of documents regarding the rights of persons with disabilities, available at ECLAC’S Digital Repository.
28 November 2016 | Briefing note
The balance struck in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on intellectual property (patent and data exclusivity) protection for pharmaceutical products
4 November 2016 | Briefing note
Maritime and Logistics Bulletin 63
2 November 2016 | Briefing note
Current issue addressed in a Joint ECLAC / UNEP, 1978.
1 November 2016 | Briefing note
The document Equality and women’s autonomy in the sustainable development agenda, was recently prepared by ECLAC.
25 October 2016 | Briefing note
The event will be hosted by ECLAC in Santiago, Chile on October 27th, 2016.