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Towards Sustainable Cooperative and Non-APC Publishing Models: results of the OpenAIRE report

Iryna Kuchma, member of the OpenAire task group about open access publishing models, in Cycle of Webinar on Open Science organized by ECLAC Library.

30 June 2020|Briefing note

The webinar presents the OpenAIRE report ‘Towards Sustainable Cooperative and Non-APC Publishing Models’, which is based on the input from the publishing and library community in Europe in consultation with African, Canadian and Latin American colleagues. It showcases and reviews non-APC and collaborative publication models and suggests a set of recommendations aimed at research funders, policymakers and the publishing community, for moving towards a more sustainable and diverse Open Access publishing future, one where collaborative and non-APC publishing could represent a viable, cost and resource effective alternative to APC-based business models.

About the Speaker:

Iryna Kuchma is the Open Access Programme Manager for EIFL. Working in collaboration with libraries and library consortia in more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, she advocates for open access to research results, supports the development and implementation of open science policies and infrastructures, provides support and training.

Iryna participates in the OpenAIRE task on Sustainable Cooperative and Non-APC Publishing Models. She is also a member of Coalition International Committee and Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures Project (COPIM) Advisory Board.

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