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Technological transformations in Latin America: promoting productive jobs and confronting the challenge of new forms of informal employment

8 February 2019|Project/Programme

Executive Summary

The new types of labour relations that arise from the use of emerging technologies occur in contexts of high labour informality and heterogeneity of the productive structure in Latin America. Risks of greater informality are an obstacle to guaranteeing decent work opportunities and thus can be a barrier to the achievement of the commitments established in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs), particularly SDGs 8 and 10.

Through cooperation in the fields of measurement, analysis and policy guidance this project will support selected Latin American countries to identify policy options to reduce labour informality as a key instrument for leaving no one behind in the path towards sustainable development.

The project will address three areas: the adjustment of labour regulations in order to cover emerging labour relations; the analysis of changes in the composition of the occupational structure and in the demand and supply for skills; and the identification of the probability of labour informality at the sub-national level. The project’s main objective is to transfer a set of methodologies to national stakeholders as relevant inputs for policies aimed at confronting the challenges of informality while taking advantage of the potential of new technologies.

This project is carried out by ECLAC’s Economic Development and Social Development Divisions and its national office in Buenos Aires