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Social Panorama of Latin America

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Adopts an integrated approach to look at different aspects of the social sphere in Latin America and provides diagnostics, measurements and proposals relating to poverty, income distribution, employment, demographic dynamics, gender affairs, health, education and social policies and programmes in the region.

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Social Panorama of Latin America 2019

Social Panorama of Latin America 2019

This edition of Social Panorama of Latin America offers the customary analysis of trends in income inequality, poverty and social spending in Latin America, and includes an analysis of migration, which has moved up the region’s political and social agenda.

Continuing the upward trend that has been recorded since 2015 in Latin America, 30.1% of the region’s population was below the poverty line in 2018, while 10.7% lived in situations of extreme poverty – rates which are seen rising to 30.8% and 11.5%, respectively, in 2019, according to ECLAC’s projections. ECLAC’s study also indicates that inequality in income distribution –...

NU. CEPAL December 2019
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