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Policies and care provision in Latin America: A view of regional experiences

February 2015|ECLAC Series » Gender Affairs
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Author: Batthyány, Karina UN symbol.: LC/L.3958 50 p.; tabls. Editorial: ECLAC February 2015


This study identifies the key challenges facing the region in the domain of care provision. To that end it describes, analyses and discusses the concept of care, the rights approach and the public policies implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean on the social organization of care. The document describes care policies in the region generally, and it specifically analyses experiences of the social organization of care provision in four countries. In Chile, it studies the Chile Crece Contigo national child-care programme; in Costa Rica it reviews the National Care Network; in Ecuador, it analyses the recognition of unpaid reproductive work in the 2008 Constitution and the National Plan for Good Living; and in Uruguay it considers the National Care System.

Table of contents

Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. The starting points: care provision
and the sexual division of labour .-- II. Care provision and public policies .-- III. Care policies in Latin America .-- IV. Progress towards care policies and systems .-- V. Conclusions: challenges in constr
ucting the care society in the region

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