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Fiscal Panorama of Latin America and the Caribbean 2015: Policy space and dilemmas. Executive Summary

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UN symbol.: LC/L.3962 14 p.; grafs. Editorial: ECLAC March 2015


The present document provides an up-to-date overview of public debt and fiscal space in the region. The main conclusions show that public debt levels are low in Latin America and high in the Caribbean. Overall, the region has enough fiscal space to apply countercyclical policies and boost production development and the fiscal management of non-renewable natural resources needs to be modernized. It explains that fiscal policy has a very limited impact on the distribution of disposable income and in a volatile macroeconomic environment, reforms should aim to strengthen personal income tax.

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Resumen ejecutivo .-- I. Deuda pública y espacio fiscal
en América Latina y el Caribe .-- II. El impacto fiscal de
los recursos naturales no renovables
en los países de América Latina .-- III. Efectos redistributivos de la política fiscal en América Latina y reformas tributarias recientes.