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Trumping the NAFTA renegotiation An alternative policy framework for Mexican-United States cooperation and economic convergence

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Author: Blecker, Robert A. - Moreno Brid, Juan Carlos - Salat, Isabel UN symbol.: LC/MEX/TS.2017/29 36 p. November 2017


The effects of globalization and regional integration have not worked well for many Americans and Mexicans. The objective of this document is to assess the proposals of the Trump administration for revising NAFTA, the responses of the Mexican government, and progressive alternatives to both. Therefore, this paper will address what kind of economic policies are needed to achieve more inclusive and sustainable growth in both Mexico and the United States, given their current degree of integration and the changing character of global production and technology.

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Abstract .-- Introduction .-- I. Has NAFTA been successful? .-- II. Critical perspectives on the NAFTA renegotiation .-- III. NAFTA and the mexican economy’s structural weaknesses .-- IV. The road ahead: towards a new agenda of development and shared prosperity.

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