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January 2020 |
  • Dubrie, Artie
  • Thorne, Elizabeth
  • Fontes de Meira, Luciana
  • Bello, Omar
  • Phillips, Willard

The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Accelerated Modalities of Action Pathway (hereafter referred to as the SAMOA Pathway) was adopted in...

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December 2019 |
  • Paiva, Pedro Henrique de Abreu
  • Bacha, Carlos José Caetano

This article analyses the GDP shares of the agriculture sector and the hydrocarbon and mining sector in the South American countries between 1960...

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December 2019

Competitiveness and its determinants: a systemic analysis for developing countries / Victor Medeiros, Lucas Gonçalves Godoi and Evandro Camargos...

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April 2019 |
  • Ffrench-Davis, Ricardo
  • Díaz Pérez, Álvaro

This article reviews the trend of investment in Chile and its relationship with economic growth since the 1973 coup d’état; and it documents how...

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December 2018