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December 2018
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April 2014 |
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December 2010
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October 2006 |
NU. CEPAL. División de Comercio Internacional e Integración

The 2005-2006 edition of Latin America and the Caribbean
in the World Economy is divided into six chapters.
The first chapter analyses...

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December 2005 |
NU. CEPAL. Sede Subregional para el Caribe

The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the gender and social disparities existing in the
agricultural and rural sector in...

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October 2005 |
German Agency for Technical Cooperation
NU. CEPAL. División de Desarrollo Sostenible y Asentamientos Humanos

O presente trabalho tenta identificar situações em que, mediante a coordenação de políticas agrícolas e ambientais, seja possível estimular-se o...

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March 2005 |
NU. CEPAL. División de Recursos Naturales e Infraestructura

Este trabajo propone las bases conceptuales para elaborar una nueva agenda sobre los recursos naturales y se inscribe dentro de la...

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July 2002 |

Summary The original aim of this study was to serve as an input for the Regional Preparatory Conference of Latin America and the Caribbean for...

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December 1993