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Publication Selections

  • Selección temática COVID-19

    El nuevo escenario global en tiempos de COVID-19 hace que sea necesario tomar medidas urgentes y evaluar los impactos de estas acciones.

  • Selección temática Agenda 2030

    Main topics: Climate change, Education, Inclusive development, Employment, Human settlements, Financing for development, Natural resources, Health, Poverty, Equality and Equity.

  • Selección temática Asuntos de género

    Main topics: Sexual and reproductive rights, Care economy, Machineries for women’s advancement, Gender affairs, Women’s political participation, Violence against women, Equality policies and gender mainstreaming, and Time use.

  • Selección temática Comercio internacional

    Main topics: Trade and environment, Innovation, Participation in the global economy, South-South trade, Relations between Latin America and Asia-Pacific, Multilateral negotiations, Trade policy, Trade facilitation, Trade agreements.

  • Selección temática Desarrollo económico

    Main topics: Economic indicators and projections, Financing for development, Structural heterogeneity, Inflation, Employment and wages, Investment, Monetary policy, Macroeconomics, Remittances, Fiscal policy, Microeconomics, Terms of trade.

  • Selección temática Desarrollo productivo

    Main topics: Agriculture and rural development, Structural change, Privatization, Business strategies, Business networks and clusters, Information and communications technologies (ICT), Foreign direct investment, SMEs, Industrial policy and development.

  • Selección temática Desarrollo social

    Main topics: Social capital, Youth, Social rights, Equity and equality, Social innovation, health, Social policies and programmes, Education, Social protection, Families, Social gratification and mobility, Persons with disabilities.

  • Selección temática Desarrollo sostenible

    Main topics: Policies for sustainability, Climate change, Sustainable development, Environmental impact assessment, Human settlements, Urban and local development, Natural disasters.

  • Selección temática Estadísticas

    Main topics: Balance of payments, Environmental statistics, Income distribution, Trade in goods and services, Public income and expenditure, Prices, National accounts, Methods and international classifications, Economic statistics, Financing and external debt.

  • Selección temática Gestión pública

    Main topics: Tax administration, Public finances, Evaluation of policies and programmes, E-government, Decentralization, Public management, Role of the State, Economic and social prospective studies, Territorial development and development planning.