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Studies and Perspectives – ECLAC Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean

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Prepared by: ECLAC subregional headquarters for the Caribbean. ISSN: 1727-9917.

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Preliminary overview of the economies of the Caribbean 2019–2020

Preliminary overview of the economies of the Caribbean 2019–2020

This overview examines the economic performance of economies of the Caribbean in 2019 and comprises four chapters. The first chapter provides a comparative analysis across Caribbean economies of the main macroeconomic variables, namely GDP growth, monetary indicators, as well as fiscal and external accounts. The second chapter looks at areas of focus in the Caribbean. The third chapter concludes, while the annex includes individual country briefs that give an overview of the economic situation for the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname and a subregional assessment of the countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union.

  • Alleyne, Dillon
  • Hendrickson, Michael
  • McLean, Sheldon
  • Oyolola, Maharouf
  • Pantin, Machel
  • Skerrette, Nyasha
  • Tokuda, Hidenobu
June 2020
45 p.

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