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Natural resources

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The primary mission of ECLAC in the area of natural resources and infrastructure is to foster competitiveness and greater productivity for economic and social development through the sustainable management of natural resources and the provision of infrastructure services in the countries of the region. To this end, ECLAC works to build countries’ institutional capacities to devise and implement public policies and regulatory frameworks with a view to increasing efficiency in the sustainable management of natural resources and in the provision of public utilities and infrastructure services. It also strives to achieve greater policy harmonization and coordination, to promote exchanges of best practices at the subregional and regional levels in these areas and to make best use of experiences at the global level.

  • The Inefficiency of Inequality

    ECLAC proposes strategic guidelines to increase the efficiency of Latin American and Caribbean economies, based on equality and sustainability and within the framework of the 2030 Agenda.

  • Highlighted Collection



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