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25/Jul2020 |
Virtual, Santa Lucía | Otros eventos
The virtual seminar sought to provide a general overview of the Escazú Agreement and its synergies with the 2030 Agenda and multilateral environmental agreements, as well as exchange views with the members of the National Workers Union in Saint Lucia to support the ratification process of the...
27/abr2018 |
Gros Islet, Santa Lucía | Conferencias y reuniones de órganos subsidiarios
Pursuant to resolution 358(XVI) of 1975, the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee (CDCC) was created as a permanent subsidiary body of the Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean to promote development cooperation among Caribbean countries.
26/abr2018 |
Gros Islet, Santa Lucía | Reuniones intergubernamentales
This year the Caribbean Development Roundtable (CDR) takes a frontal look at four major issues facing the region with a view to identifying workable solutions to address them successfully.
19 - 20/abr2018 |
-, Santa Lucía | Otros eventos
14/Jun2010 |
Rodney Bay, Santa Lucía | Otros eventos